Sammy Pillow

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Sammy Pillow is a car head support for children with an adjustable fastening belt to help your child rest his/her head while sleeping in the car.

Sammy Pillow prevents kids from hurting their neck when sleeping in the baby/kids seat or stroller.

While children sleep in their car seat, the strap can be used to offers very good neck support and head support.
Made of 100% cotton material, it feels very soft and comfortable for kids to lay on. 

SAFETY FIRST - Sammy Pillow protects sleepy kids with the utmost care 
and concern. The wide padded section helps kids sleep comfortably.

The adjustable elastic strap helps adjust the pillow according to the kids head size.

EASY INSTALLATION - The lock buckle, click and elastic band has a buckle ranges from 48 cm (19 inches) to 92 cm (36 inches) 
(92 cm); 

Suitable for boys or girls. Available in 8 beautiful colors.  

Delivery Time: 7 to 20 days

As soon as we receive your order, we start to process it without any delay. Delivery time depends on the location we are sending the items to. However, we try as much as possible to complete all orders between 7 to 20 days after purchase. If for any reason you experience a delay in delivery, do not hesitate to contact us.