When it comes to shopping for shoes, what better place to go than Yuikids, an e-commerce website dedicated to bringing you only the best selection of shoes and accessories, and from a mother who understands just how expensive getting shoes can be and offer these shoes for new born babies to those around twelve years old. Not only that, but as an individual that has visited and lived in several countries like France, Spain, Caribbean, US, and now the UK I have a unique perspective to pick out only the most amazing styles from across the world just for you! As we grow, our goal is to expand our range of shoes and add accessories in the coming months as we work to negotiate with suppliers around the world to get you only the best deals.



                Hi, my name is Marielle and I am French and a mother of two girls and I love to help dress them up. Unfortunately, during this fun time with my daughters I quickly realized that finding the right pair of good quality shoes at an affordable price was no easy task, and if you want even the most trendy of shoes, you have to pay even more! Day after day it really stuck with me just how costly things were getting and started to get me thinking. Eventually it was getting to be quite the nightmare so I came up with a solution.



Rather than look at this as a failure where shoes seemed just out of reach, I thought to myself that I can use this as an opportunity to set up a website that helps both moms and dads with limited budgets, but still want to offer their kids only the best in both quality and trendiness for their kids’ shoes. With that in mind, it has inspired me to make sure that for all orders you'll receive free shipping within the US! What better way to save than receiving free shipping with your products to really bring in the discounts and show you just how much we here at Yuikids appreciate your business.




  If you're looking to learn a bit more about me and my e-commerce business, want to know about our current line of products, future products coming into the store at a later date, or just have some general questions feel free to send us a message. We understand as fathers and mothers your time is tremendously limited and so that's why at Yuikids, you'll get a very timely response and a very well-articulated message to answer to the best of our ability any and all questions you had in mind and provide you only the best in customer service at the same time! Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about what we do and who I am. I look forward to doing business with you and appreciate all business you bring into us to help us expand and continue to grow to new lengths and offer even better deals!